The decree on dog breeding in Wallonia is finalized reports Minister Carlo Di Antonio

The decree on dog breeders in Wallonia has been finalized and is expected to be adopted next week, at first reading, by the Walloon government, said the regional Minister for Animal Welfare, Carlo Di Antonio.

The report has been prepared by Isabelle Moinnet (cdH) and Philippe Dodrimont (MR) who initiated their work in February 2018. It aims to review the current status of dog breeding practices around 24 recommendations, most of which have been included in the government decree, according to Minister Di Antonio.

Among these are the creation of a specific label for Walloon breeders and the phasing out of commercial breeders – 18 of them in the south of the country – because “We feel that puppy shops no longer have a place in Wallonia,” Dodrimont said. “

The other recommendations concern, among other things, the age of the first and last litters, the frequencies of these litters – a maximum of 3 litters over 2 years –, on the establishment of rest spaces for breeding females, on accommodation standards or on the obligation to be able to prove the descent of puppies.


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