The Benelux Interparliamentary Assembly adopts by unanimity the recommendation on unscrupulous dog trade.

Brussels, 03.05.2017 – The International animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS is pleased with the adoption by the Benelux Interparliamentary Assembly of the recommendation that was drafted by Ms Sabine Vermeulen, member of the Benelux Parliament, introducing measures to tackle the unscrupulous practices of puppy trade. The recommendation which will be published soon considers several problems, such as the need to enforce the tractability of dogs and cross-border cooperation.

FOUR PAWS closely followed the elaboration of the recommendation. Pierre SULTANA, Director of the European Policy Office of FOUR PAWS in Brussels, expressed his satisfaction regarding the vote and explains that: “our organization has been actively involved in the fight against illegal pet trade in particular online, through our Pet Deception campaign, launched in June 2016. To guarantee that animal welfare standards are met and that future owners are protected, not only it is essential to regulate this sector secure the sale of dogs, but also raise awareness and inform people about the risks and sometimes dirty business behind the online trade”.

Pierre SULTANA also explains that “although many existing legislations are very good in the Benelux, these countries represent are still a transit point for illegal and unscrupulous puppy trade, that is most often a cross-border issue. It is important to to favour cooperation between countries. Establishing a central system such as EUROPETNET, helps to identify and register dogs and their Transponders’ numbers. The transformation of the European passport into a unique document for each animal, from the date of birth and death would also help tackle the illegal trade of animals".

The recommendation can be read here: BNL885-1


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