School Projects

On this page we provide links to school projects promoted by governments or various organisations to promote companion animal welfare among school pupils. CAROdog  is not directly involved in these projects, unless explicitly mentioned.

Universities coming soon: We are in the process of collating data related to universities that have specific courses on animal welfare, and other opportunities to learn more on animal welfare in further education. Please feel free to send us information that could be relevant for this new space, or join the CAROdog Newsletter to be informed when it will be launched.


arrow grey IFAW: Animal Action Education​ Programme (AAE) "Cats, dogs and us"

arrow greyFEDIAF: Ressources for schools

arrow grey FEDIAF: Fascinating Dogs, classroom material for children aged 8 to 12

arrow greySTRAY-AFP: Dogs and stray dogs: a book specially designed for children


arrow grey Tierschutz Macht Schule: "Pet Buddy goes to school" program


 GAIA Kids (French)  (Dutch)

Gaia School Presentations (French) (Dutch)


arrow grey BKM-Schulprojekt: Schüler mit Schülern für Europas Tiere

arrow grey  Erna-Graff-Foundation "Walk the Dog!"



arrow grey Projekt Pusztahunde: "Tierschutz für ungarische Schüler"


arrow grey Tierschutz projekt


arrow grey "El Cuarto Hocico": CHILDREN FOR ANIMALS


arrow grey"FAADAEduca" : (FAADA)

The NGO FAADA provides training for public security agents, social workers, children and teachers. The overall objective is to provide children, families and professionals with tools that encourage social skills such as empathy, compassion and respect among children and students.  FAADA has also created a specific website all stakeholers involve in educations, : “Learn about animals and how to help them better”.



arrow grey Four Paws Romania: "Children Learn to Protect the Animals – 'VIER PFOTEN' Educational Course for Animals Protection"


arrow grey Save the Dog: Become a responsible owner

arrow grey Friends of Homeless dogs


arrow grey RSPCA: Animal Action Pet respect

arrow grey RSPCA: Free lesson plans for teachers who want to teach animal welfare

arrow grey Rabies blueprint: "Ministry of Health and rabies education in school curricula"

arrow grey The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust: "Centre aims to improve animal lives across the globe"

arrow grey Dogtrust: Education and Schools


arrow grey Australian Government's Responsible Pet Ownership Projects for Schools

New Zealand

arrow grey Animals in Schools Education Trust (AISET)


arrow grey FAO: "rabies education package"

America / USA


arrow grey Humane Society Missoury: "Operation Pet Partners"



arrow grey Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA): "Human Education: Information for Kids"


New Jersey

arrow grey Sustainable Jersey: Animals in the Community Education!41.pdf