Rabies case in a 10-year-old child in France

A ten-year-old boy living in France suffers from rabies after being bitten by a puppy in Sri Lanka and is in a "very critical" state.
The child was bitten in August 2017 on a beach in Dikwella, in southern Sri Lanka. But since the disease has a long incubation period (20 to 60 days on average) he was hospitalized on October 4 and last Monday the national reference center Institut Pasteur confirmed the diagnosis.
The authorities point out that in case of bite, scratches or even the simple licking of a wound or mucous membrane by an animal, it is necessary to carry out a careful washing with water and soap. An anti-rabies center should be consulted as soon as possible to assess the suitability of vaccination, especially if there is no possible tracing of the animal. This should apply in France too: although the vaccination of dogs is mandatory, cases of rabies can be imported, for example by puppies entering illegally from Eastern Europe or coming back from abroad.
There have been no cases of "indigenous" rabies in humans in France since 1924. The only cases recently recorded concern people who have contracted the disease abroad: 23 since 1970, the last one going back to 2014, according to health authorities. (french)



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