Denmark softened its restrictive law on dogs. (VIER PFOTEN, TASSO and VDH press release)

From 1 July 2014, land owners are no longer allowed to shot dogs roaming on their property. Dog owners will receive a fine of 270 € when they leave their dogs roaming on properties of others. another important change concerns the killing of healthy dogs: so far, only the Danish police could decide whether a dog should be killed after a biting attack or not. From now on, the dog owner can ask for the second opinion of third person, the “dog expert”. However, it is not clear what expertise or education this person must have.
The ban on breeding of 13 listed dangerous dog breed (from 1 July 2010) will stay in force. This ban includes the breeding, keeping and import of these listed dogs.
This is why VIER PFOTEN, TASSO and VDH clearly hold up their warning not to bring your dog to Denmark for holidays. (German)