Check my Chip!

chipThe German Federal Association of Veterinary Practitioners “Bundesverband praktizierender Tierärzte (bpt)”, starts a week for action in September.

There are still only a part of animals who are identified and some identified animals are not registered. Even if an animal is microchipped and registered, if the data are not correct or updated, the procedure of reunification of a lost animal with his owner cannot work and the dog or cat will not be able to be rehomed, even with a chip.

During the week of 11 to 15 September 2017, the bpt is running the campaign “Check my chip” (Check meinen Chip). The goal of the action is to reach the highest possible number of owners of animals. While being in the veterinary practice, the veterinarian will check the chip of the animal and check if the registered data of the chip are correct, or chip and register the animal if this has not been done yet. All veterinary practices can participate.

Up from August the action will be promoted by an animation film – consciously addressing the hearts of owners – “check meinen chip“, who will be distributed via all relevant social media. The clip can be looked at up from 1 August ( and can be linked or downloaded here: Check my Chip clip.

During this week of action of the association of veterinary practicioners will check together with the owner by calling the registers the data.  If there is no registration, this can be done directly in the practice. And if there is no identification by a chip this can be done as well directly and registered.

Why this action?

The Main goal is reaching a higher percentage of identifications and registrations and by doing so to relieve the shelters. Only by correct data dogs or cats can be rehomed. This actions will also be useful  to delete superfluous and old data. And finally the action will bring certainty for the owners about the correct data when the animal is transported and when there will be a control at the border by the authority.  

The “Check-meinen-Chip“ week shall start on the second week of September 2017 and will take place in the highest possible number of veterinary practices in Germany in cooperation with the TASSO register and the German companion animal register of the German Tierschutzbund. The intention  is to establish this week as a regular event every year in Germany. (German)



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