Caution: stolen dogs!

four pawsIn German cities it is estimated that between two and five dogs are stolen every day. In NRW alone, more than 100 dogs disappear annually, according to the provincial police. Dog owners should therefore not let their animals unattended in front of shops or left alone in the garden or locked car.
They should take precautionary measures: the most important precautions  is to Identify and Register your dogs. Make sure your contact information is always up-to-date. Thus, a lost animal can be quickly identified and returned to its owner.
And if you suspect your  dog has been stolen, act immediately: inform the police and ask the neighbors and passersby if they have noticed something. The next step is to contact local animal shelters or animal clinics. A profile with a photo and a description of the animal can support the search. If the animal regularly needs medication, you should also pass this information. (german)


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