Advice for companion animal practitioners during the COVID-19 outbreak


  • Let clients call you so you can decide which visits have priority.
  • All staff should wear protective equipment (aligned with national advice from health authorities).
  • All staff to wash hands regularly and thoroughly (after each pet or owner contact) and avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Keep at least 2-metres distance from other people; avoid contact (handshaking).
  • Make appointments by phone or on-line.
  • Inform pet owners of new protocols with signs and via digital channels.
  • Only one healthy adult person should accompany the pet.
  • Allow only one client in the waiting area.
  • Allow only one client in the consulting room.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect door handles, reception counters, and any area that people touch. Make hand disinfectants for clients at hand.
  •  Provide hand disinfectants for clients.
  •  If possible, split the team into two groups without physical contact with each other.
  • Send home all staff that doesn’t need to be there and can work from home.
  •  Remove all items in the waiting room people can touch (e.g., magazines, toys for children, leaflets, coffee machines).
  •  No visiting hours for hospitalized patients or any unnecessary visits (pharmaceutical representatives, veterinary students, …).
  • Prefer contactless payment.

Please keep in mind that these recommendations do not apply to all regions at all times as the situation is constantly changing, depending on the epidemiological risk in the area. We encourage you to keep up to date with the advice from your government and local veterinary authority.

These precautions are recommended to protect people; there is currently no evidence that pets can be infected with the new coronavirus.



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