VIER PFOTEN: Petition to the Romanian Prime Minister to stop the killing of stray dogs

Today sees international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS publish a disturbing report and video recordings of illegal activities in the majority of Romanian public dog shelters.

Between March and May 2014, a team of investigators assessed 43 public shelters in Romania – from around 81 currently registered with the Romanian vet authorities. The results of the investigation are shocking: not one of these public shelters in Romania conformed to the law regulating the national programme on stray dogs.


Health of the animals and staff at risk

Up to 29 violations of the law have been identified in the shelters visited. Examples include dog cadavers lying among living dogs, overcrowding, a mixture of food and waste, including urine and excrement, on the floor of the dog cages, and residue able to leak between cages. Furthermore, traces of blood in many cages, and bleeding and ill dogs, have been observed in several shelters and documented by video recordings. These violations mean that not only is the health of the animals and staff at risk, but also that of the population, especially as these are public locations with visiting hours for any interested person.


Situation out of control

This report reveals a systematic failure in Romanian shelters to provide stray dogs with humane housing conditions. Alongside the misery in the public animal shelters, the illegal killing of stray dogs also continues apace. Although the application norms of the law were suspended by the Bucharest Court of Appeal on 20 June 2014, the killing law is still in place.

We call again on the Romanian government to start cooperating with us and all relevant stakeholders and to abolish the killing law by issuing an emergency governmental ordinance to ensure safe streets and no killing.


Petition: Call on Prime Minister Victor Ponta to quash the law which allows the mass killing of stray dogs!