Veterinary Foundation Poland

A foundation established by veterinarians, which aims to help prevent echinococcosis in humans and animals (echinococcosis, i.e. life-threatening tapeworm invasion) and to reduce the population of stray dogs implementing sterilization programs, thus eliminating the necessity to cull dogs.

Its activities focus mainly on countries of Eastern Europe And Central Asia.

This group of volunteers from pro-animal organizations and veterinarians decided to implement the idea of mobile sterilization of dogs and cats in Poland. Knowing that many dogs were killed in Kyrgyzstan, they then decided to share their experiences from Poland and present the idea of mobile sterilization in this country.


In 2018, they finally launched a project called "Veterinary Expeditions – Kyrgyzstan 2018" and discovered  that Kyrgyzstan's needs are much greater than we initially estimated.

In autumn 2018 they then decided to establish a foundation to help Central Asian countries to promote and protect human and animal health.



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