Three petitions regarding dogs have been closed during the last PETI meeting

EU Parliament   During the last ordinary committee meeting of the Committee on Petitions which took place at the end of last month (23rd-24th January), three petitions mentioning dogs have been closed. Those petitions were concerning Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia (Please see links below). According to the meeting documents published on the EU parliament website, those petitions have been closed “in the light of the commission’s written reply or other documents received”.

In the answer to the first petition on stray dogs neglect in Bulgarian shelters (Petition nº 0475/2016 – Bulgaria), the EU commission stated that “the welfare and management of stray animals’ population is not governed by EU rules and remains the sole responsibility of the Member States”.

The petition regarding vaccination, identification and registration of owned dogs in Romania (Petition nº 0541/2016) and the diversion of EU funding from vaccination purposes to identification and registration, the Commission establishes that the EU program on rabies eradication does not include any item on Identification and Registration (which are subjects included in the EU Law but only when the animals cross EU borders for non-commercial or trade purposes). Therefore the Commission establishes it is not in a position to comment on the Romanian national rules on identification and registration of owned dogs.

Concerning the petition regarding the transport of live animals, presented by a British citizen on behalf of the NGO “Serbian Animals Voice” (Petition nº 0298/2016) the EU Commission answers to the petition is very similar to the first petition mentioned, indicating that “the welfare of stray dogs is not governed by EU rules and remains under the responsibility of the Member States”. In that last case, the Commission answer indicates that although most of the issues raised in the petition concern the management of stray dog population which is not under EU competence “the European Commission has supported the work of the OIE to develop guidelines for the control of stray dog population”.

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