The General Register of Companion Animals of Catalonia (ANICOM) is now fully integrated in the Europetnet

From now if a companion animal registered in Catalonia is lost in Europe, its owner can be located through Europetnet.

In Catalonia, people who want to register the identification (microchip) of their companion animals can do so in two different databases: one is the ANICOM  which is a compulsory, public and free Catalan database belonging to the Government (Generalitat de Catalunya), the other registry is the AIAC, a private register owned by the Catlan Veterinaries College, whose access is restricted to veterinarians and municipalities that have signed an agreement paying an annual fee.

The ANICOM involves a cost of inserting the microchip between 20€ and 30 € and allows to make a free registration and free change of the name of the owner. The AIAC entails a cost of between 50€ and 70 € and an additional 30 € in case of any change of the owner.

Until now it was not possible for the animals registered in ANICOM to be part of the REIAC, the National Spanish Network for Identification of Companion Animals, which implied great difficulties in the search for animals that were lost outside the Catalan region.

FAADA has been working for almost 5 years to find an alternative. ANICOM was finally accepted in the Europetnet after a vote in which the only voice against was the Spanish REIAC. Today the Catalan Government has transferred all the data of animals registered in ANICOM in the Europetnet database. It is now possible to locate any animals registered in ANICOM anywhere in Europe through data base. (spanish)


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