Re-launch of the CAROdog and CAROcat websites


Leading EU cat and dog welfare websites launch new design and content

In the EU Member States, many dogs and cats still suffer because of the unsolved and increasing problem of uncontrolled births, which can result in abandonment or severely inadequate living conditions. In addition, cases of mistreatment are widespread, sometimes in organised forms such as dog fighting and puppy mills. As a result, millions of dogs and cats in Europe experience great suffering. Overpopulation has sometimes generated social problems, including those of health and safety.


With the aim of responding to such problems, the CAROdog project ( was launched in 2010, and CAROcat ( followed in February 2013.

The aim of the CAROdog and CAROcat websites is to offer sustainable solutions to help dogs and cats in the EU through the dissemination of reliable and science-based information related to legislative, legal, social and scientific activities for the protection of companion animals in Europe. These websites propose a systematic approach to canine and feline population management to avoid the killing of healthy animals, starting from responsible ownership as the basis of individual and community commitment to dog and cat welfare.


Today in Brussels, a new phase of this work has been presented.


Within the framework of these projects, conferences on dog and cat welfare have already been held in several EU countries. A EU canine and feline traceability working group has been established, addressing the important issue of identification and registration of companion animals.

The initiators of the CAROdog and CAROcat projects are the international animal welfare organisation VIER PFOTEN – founded and based in Austria, with national offices in seven European Member States and with a European Policy Office in Brussels, Belgium – and the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise, Teramo, Italy – the OIE Collaborating Centre for veterinary training, epidemiology, food safety and animal welfare. The European Commission and the European Federation of Veterinarians (FVE) are supporting the websites with their expertise and have placed their representatives on the editorial boards. For the CAROcat website, the Advisory Board on Cat Diseases (ABCD) is an additional partner. Together we are creating a reliable knowledge-based system.

The most evident sign of this new phase of the CAROdog and CAROcat projects is the new architecture and content of the websites, now including a dedicated space for dog and cat owners. The websites are also now more user friendly.

Marlene Wartenberg, Director of VIER PFOTEN’s European Policy Office, said: “The work of the last few years has been very rewarding, both in terms of attention received by the websites in Europe and beyond, and because CAROdog and CAROcat have become an authoritative presence for the protection of companion animals in the European Union. More protection for companion animals is needed in Europe, especially as there are tendencies at the moment to declare stray animals as second-class dogs and cats, with less protection”.

The new CAROdog and CAROcat websites contain information about responsible dog and cat ownership and population management; scientific, legal and practical information; solution strategies; a library; tools, projects and programmes; news and events; and a regularly updated special focus section. The available information is all designed to provide the most transparent and direct access for users.


We hope that old and new visitors to our websites will find the new versions even more interesting and inspiring.


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