Pedigree Dream Documentary Film

Eight million puppies are needed annually to fulfil the demand in Europe.

Far too many dogs, especially puppies, are sold suspiciously with falsified documents and unknown background. We need to know where and how these puppies are bred, sold and transported.

Pedigree Dream is a documentary about the illegal dog breeding and selling. It is about cruelty towards dogs.


Pedigree Dream


Pedigree Dream will be probably the most comprehensive documentary film ever made about dog trade in Europe. It is filmed in the following countries: Romania, Finland, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, Estonia and Czech Republic.

It gives audience a thorough view over the dog trade with supporting narratives from more than 50 people. Those people include border officials, European Parliament members, politicians, police force representatives, legal and illegal breeders, dog owners, etc…

Another crowdfund campaign has started now, in order to be able to do some additional shootings and interviews: this film has to be as complete as possible.

Pedigree Dream Trailer



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