Online pet trade: Barcelona demands the withdrawal of online adverts

Barcelona City Council has demanded the withdrawal of online adverts for the sale of animals on the Milanuncios and Vibbo Websites (local equivalent of Ebay) after finding that "they do not respect the current regulations on the sale of animals" and put "animal welfare at risk".

The city council has said in a statement that it will "continuously monitor the adverts to sanction  the non-observance of the withdrawal of the ads", with fines that could reach a maximum of 600,000 € and a prohibition to operate in Spain during two years.

According to the municipality, the ads fail "the express prohibition of breeding cats and dogs in private homes, the prohibition to sell puppies and kittens younger than 8 weeks, the mandatory neutering of the animals, the guarantee that the animals are sold in good conditions of safety, hygiene and welfare, and health ".

Sellers identification

The consistory has also required companies to collaborate to identify the people responsible for the ads that are detected that do not comply with current regulations.

According to the city council, it is the first time that an administrative procedure is being promoted to put an end to the illegal online trade of animals. Last December, european vets call for better regulation of online pet trade.





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