Lietuvos rytas (Lithuania): "Assaults on animal catchers"

Vilnius Animal Sanctuary is terrorized by raging animal lovers. The sign of the Sanctuary is damaged with writings “Kill” and “Killing House”, and the night before yesterday the second automobile, by which the capital’s animal catchers drive and catch stray animals, was burnt.


Algimantas Vilūnas, the director of the Joint Stock Company “Grinda”, to which Vilnius Animal Sanctuary belongs, said that the threats and dissatisfaction with the company’s activity already began a year and a half ago.

Two weeks ago on the sign of Animal Sanctuary there appeared writing “Kill”, and several days ago it was written “Killing House”.

At the same time when the first writing appeared, the first, about 20-year old company’s automobile “Volkswagen Transporter” burnt too. Firefighters said that the automobile burnt by itself.

“Perhaps the first automobile could really burn by itself, but it is unreal that two automobiles have burnt in two weeks,”-said A.Vilūnas.

The automobile, which was parked in the territory of the Animal Sanctuary, surrounded with a fence, burnt at night. The residents living in S.Nėris Street saw the fire and called firefighters.

It is alleged, that the automobile was fired, because differently from the first one, the accumulator was disconnected in it.

“Animal Care Associations accuse us of animals’ genocide. But veterinary services constantly inspect us, the European Union’s Commissioner, who cares about this field, has visited us several times. No infringements were found. The public is misled, the unfaithful information is disseminated,”-said A. Vilūnas.

Animals, brought by people, are kept for 14 days in this Sanctuary. 

Later, if animals are not adopted by anyone, they are put to sleep, but during that time nobody tortures nor harms them.

Every person, who brings an animal here, is introduced with the regulations, signs the agreement and knows what will happen to the animal. “The company performs city’s sanitary functions, so that stray animals would not run in the streets”, – said A. Vilūnas.

Danutė Navickienė, the chairwoman of Lithuanian Society for the Protection of Animals, Vilnius Branch, said she could understand the anger of the people, who behave this way: “But we struggle in civilized, legal ways. We demand that the company’s title would be changed, so that people would not be misled. Perhaps some people simply could not tolerate it any more and decided to express their opinion in drastic way.”

The woman is certain, that most people, who bring their animals there, think, that the animals would be cared of, but they are misled.

Every day the volunteers of the Lithuanian Society for the Protection of Animals, Vilnius Branch’s take over the animals, brought by Vilnius’ people, treat them and look for new owners for them.

When 5 Life-Wagons for animals’ were built in the territory of the Animal Sanctuary, about 400 animals were saved. 

By Sandra Trinkunaite, 
“Lietuvos Rytas” reporter


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