Dog population management

Dog Population Management: Dominica (East Caribbean) 2004-2007

Author: Presentation by Morters M.
Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Document:  Michelle_Morters_BestExp_Dominica

Database support for microchip identification in companion animal identification

Author: Arsene C.
Source:, 2011
Document:  Stray-dog-situation-in-Romania.-Animal-cruelty

Dog Keeping in Taiwan: Its Contribution to the Problem of Free-Roaming Dogs

Author: Hsu Y., Severinghaus L. L., Serpell J. A.
Source: Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 2003, Vol. 6, Issue 1, pp. 1–23.
Document: 172_jaws060101

Surveying roaming dog populations:guidelines on methodology

Author: World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), Companion & Working Animals Unit
Document: Surveying roaming dog populations – guidelines on methodology

WSPA/RSPCA: Stray Animal Control Practices (Europe)

Author: Tasker L.
Source: World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA International), 2006-2007.
Document: WSPA_RSPCA International stray control practices in Europe 2006_2007

Case Study: Dog Population Management on Koh Tao, Thailand

Author: Lee N.
Document: Natasha Lee_CASE STUDY – Koh Tao – final

An Interactive Model of Human and Companion Animal Dynamics: The Ecology and Economics of Dog Overpopulation and the Human Costs of Addressing the Problem

Author: Frank J.
Source: The foundation for interdisciplinary research and education promoting animal welfare.
Document: interactivemodelhuman

FAO/WSPA/ICT Report, Management of the Dog Population for the Control of Zoonotic Diseases

Author:  FAO, WSPA and IZSAM
Source: FAO, 2014, FAO/WSPA/IZSAM expert meeting – Banna, Italy, 14-19 March 2011, Animal Production and Health Report. No. 6. Rome.
Document: a-i4081e

Free-roaming dogs and cats in central Italy: Public perceptions of the problem

Author: Slater M. R., Di Nardo A., Pediconi O., et al.
Source: Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 2008, Vol. 84, Issue 1-2, pp. 27-47.
Document: Free-roaming IZS AM

Free-roaming dog control among OIE-member countries

Author: DallaVilla P., Kahn S., L. Stuardo L., et al.
Source: Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 2010, Vol. 97, Issue 1, pp. 58-63.
Document: Free-roaming+dogcontrolamongOIE-membercountries

Stray dogs control practice in Russia

Author: Danilov N. A., Rybalko V. A., Macevich L.L., et al.
Source: FAO website
Document: Stray Dog Control Practices in Russia

Free-Roaming Dogs in Developing Countries: The Benefits of Capture, Neuter, and Return Programs

Author: Jackman J., Rowan A.
Source: in Salem D. Rowan A. (Edits), State of the Animals, 2007, Humane Society Press, Washington DC; available on
Document: 1_CNVR Jackman and Rowan (2)

Dog Population Management in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Author: Blue Paw Tust, WSPA, Municipal Council of Columbo
Document: Case Study_Colombo

"Every dog deserves a caring owner": The veterinary vision on stray dog management

Document: Position Statement

FVE Seminar: "Stray dogs: present and future"

Document: FVE Seminar on stray dogs Report

Smartphone and GPS technology for free-roaming dog population surveillance – a methodological study 

Author: Shanis Barnard; Carla Ippoliti; Daniele di Flaviano; Andrea de Ruvo; Stefano Messori; Armando Giovannini; Paolo Dalla Villa
Source: IZSAM
Document: Smartphone and GPS technology fr free-roaming dog population surveillance

Report on counting of stray animals on the territory of Sofia municipality 

Author: Four Paws
Source: Four Paws Bulgaria

Public perception of street dogs in Kerala 

Author: Fiapo
Source: Fiapo

Causes of stray animals and consequences

Author: James Pirnay
Source: FOUR PAWS International