Birth control and reproduction

Timing of oestrus and reproductive behaviour in Indian street dogs

Author: Chawala S. K., Reece J. F.
Source: Veterinary Record, 2002, Vol. 150, Issue 14, pp. 450-1.
Document: Timing of Oestrus etc (1)

Delivering reproduction control – CNR and alternatives

Author: Presentation by Hiby E.
Document:  Elly_Hiby_CNR_and_alternatives

5th International Symposium on Non-Surgical Methods of Pet Population Control – Proceedings

Author: Alliance for contraception in cats and dogs (ACCD), 2013.
Source: ACCD website

Evaluating the benefits and risks of neutering dogs and cats

Author: McKenzie B.
Source: CAB Reviews: Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural Resources, 2010, Vol. 5, No. 045
Document: PAV045web

WSPA Non-surgical methods for controlling the reproduction of dogs and cats

Author: World Animal Protection (former WSPA)
Document: Non-surgical methods for controlling the reproduction of dogs and cats (1)

Contraception and Fertility Control in Dogs and Cats

Author: Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs (ACCD), 2013.
Source: ACCD website
Document: accd-e-book

Long-term risks and benefits of early-age gonadectomy in dogs

Author: Spain C. V., Scarlett J. S., Hopt K. A.
Source: Journal of Amerian Veterinary Medical Association, 2004, Vol. 224, Issue 3, pp. 380-7.
Document: EarlyAge_Gonadectomy_Dogs_JAVMA

The Association of Shelter Veterinarians veterinary medical care guidelines for spay-neuter programs

Author: Association of Shelter Veterinarians’ Spay-Neuter Task Force
Source: Journal of Amerian Veterinary Medical Association, 2008, Vol. 233, Issue 1, pp. 74-86.
Document: VTFASN_JAVMA_Guidelines

Early Spay-Neuter: Clinical Considerations

Author: Margaret V. Root Kustritz
Source: Clinical Techniques in Small Animal Practice, 2002, Vol. 17, No. 3, pp. 124-128.
Document: early_spay_neuter_article