Legislative Election: a party for the animals (France)

Since 14 November 2016, France has one more political party for the legislative elections: the “Parti Animaliste”.
This new party has more than 1,200 members. It aims to follow an international dynamic initiated by the Dutch Animalist Party, which has 53 elected representatives, including 8 deputies and 1 MEP. Its peculiarity is to be a single-issue party, focused on the animals, their protection and their rights.
In France, according to an IFOP survey carried out for the “30 Million d'Amis Foundation” last March , animal welfare and protection is an important issue for 80% of the people surveyed.
The aim of the Parti Animaliste is therefore to contribute to the emergence of the animal question in politics, to make it unavoidable and to offer tools to finally take into consideration the interests of animals in the politic debate. (french)




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