Wamiz draws up an inventory of abandonment and adoption in France in 2016

An estimated 80 000 animals are abandoned each year in France. Of these abandonments, 60,000 occur during the summer. Those high numbers are not easy to lower, although many charities are working hard in that sense.

No major change from 2015 statistics

In 2016, the SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals) collected 44,222 animals, which represent an increase of 1,781 animals compared with 2015. These figures, although quite stable, and not really encouraging. The only good news is that the average length of stay in the shelters has dropped from 53 to 48 days. Dogs and cats, on average, spend less time behind bars before being adopted.  There are also good news on the adoption front:  more shelter cats and dogs have found a family in 2016: 41 129 against 38 958 in 2015.

More abandonments, and more adoptions

If there are more abandonments, there are also more adoptions. And that is a positive data. The main motivation of the adopters is to save the life of an animal: it is the main reason why they go to adopt in a shelter for 85% of the people.(french)




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