Flanders: Police find 60 Dachshunds in small cages during an inspection at a breeder’s home

In the West Flemish Kortemark agents found no less than sixty dachshunds that were locked up in very small cages during an inspection last week.

The inspection was planned after a few reports of noise and environmental nuisance. Police decided together with the Flemish Inspectorate for Animal Welfare, to check out the house and found dozens of animals.

No dog confiscated

Despite the far too small cages, and the fact that the breeding of the dachshunds clearly did not happen in the best conditions the dogs seemed to be in good physical condition. No dog was confiscated. The owner, who is presumably a pedigree dog breeder who keeps the dachshunds for resale, has been given a week to find another solution for his animals.

Due to the fact that the dogs were not life-threatening, the seizure of the animals did not take place. On social media this decision has not been welcomed by the animal protection associations and the general public. Many believe that the police decision was far too moderate.

(Original article in Flemish)




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