EU Commission

EU Strategy for Protection and Welfare of animals 2012 – 2015

Communication From The Commission To The European Parliament, The Council And The European Economic And Social Committee on the European Union Strategy for the Protection and Welfare of Animals 2012-2015

EU Platform on Animal Welfare

In June 2017 the EU Commission launched a Platform on Animal Welfare, “to promote an enhanced dialogue on animal welfare issues that are relevant at EU level among competent authorities, businesses, civil society and scientists.” Since the beginning, VIER PFOTEN has been a member of the Platform and of its "Voluntary Initiative Subgroup on Pets (dogs) in Trade".

Léon Arnts (Sr. Policy Officer Animal Welfare international – Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality – Netherlands) presentation at the Platform meeting of 17 June 2019: Health & Welfare of Pets (dogs) in trade Voluntary Initiative Group

Denis Simonin ( Head of Sector Animal Welfare Unit G2 Directorate General for Health and Food safety -European Commission) presentation at the Platform meeting of 17 June 2019:  EU Coordinated Control Plan on online sales of dogs and cats


Community Action Plan 2006-2010