Special warning on pet shops and online trade

VIER PFOTEN_2013-04-23_024

The trade in pure-bred puppies is booming: they are being sold at cheap prices on the internet, in pet shops and in public spaces.

Produced in so-called ‘puppy mills’ in poor conditions, the puppies are separated too early from their mothers and transported for sale across Europe, often sick and with fake documents. In many cases the new owners are faced with high veterinary costs, and despite intensive care, many animals die or have to be put down.

Irresponsible business practices in the breeding and trading of puppies cause enormous animal suffering across Europe.

We therefore ask you to avoid buying cheap puppies, and demand an EU-wide, legally binding regulation for the registration, vaccination and identification of all dogs by microchip.

Please always consider adopting your dog from a shelter rather than buying your best friend. That way you will give that animal a better life, and help the work being done by animal welfare organisations to rescue abandoned or neglected animals.  

You can find further information on the illegal puppy trade on the stoppuppytraders website (http://www.stoppuppytraders.org/en-GB/four-paws-campaign-against-illegal-puppy-trade ).