FAQ by dog owners

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Before having a dog

1. Where can I find/buy a dog?
2. Where can I find a reliable breeder? (checklist)
3. What shall I consider when buying a dog from the Internet? (checklist)
4. Which breed should I choose?
5. Which breeds suffer from genetic defects?
6. Which dog breed fits best with my personal and household situation?
7. Can I have a dog if there is no garden in my apartment?


Having a dog at home

8. How do I microchip and register my dog?
9. Do I need to train my dog at a dog school?
10. What is the best diet for a dog?
11. Where shall I keep food and water?
12. What is the best place for the dog to rest?
13. Can the dog stay in my bedroom?
14. What are the best toys?
15. Should the dogs avoid climbing the stairs?
16. How much time shall I dedicate to my dog every day?
17. To whom can I leave my dog when I am going on holidays?
18. How often shall I take my dog to the vet?
19. Where can I find veterinary assistance?
20. What are the mandatory basic treatments?
21. What are the diseases transmitted to humans by dogs?
22. How can I control the reproduction of my dog?
23. Why is sterilization important?
24. What are the legal duties for owning a dog?
25. What is the best type of leash for my dog?
26. How can I get my new dog to integrate with my other animals?
27. What can I teach my children about the dog?
28. What does my dog’s body language mean?
29. Where, in my country, can I address my further questions?
30. How to make a responsible decision if my dog is suffering from an incurable disease


Travelling with my dog

31. Is the pet passport mandatory?
32. What are the mandatory basic treatments? (map with the countries and required medical treatments)
33. What precautions shall I adopt when travelling with my dog?
34. Helpful service links to find homes and home sitter per country