Before getting a dog

Which breeds suffer from genetic defects?

Almost all breed dogs are likely to suffer from genetic defects or disorders such as hip dysplasia, breathing troubles, skin problems, etc. 

A Canine Inherited Disorders Database has been created by Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre at the Atlantic Veterinary CollegeUniversity of Prince Edward Island, and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. You can check the known disorders according to breed on the website here:


​Can I have a dog if there is no garden in my apartment?

Having a dog in an apartment is not impossible, but you have to consider that dogs that have no regular outdoor access need more attention, more walking and more daily exercise. Moreover, not all dogs can live in a closed space like an apartment or a house without a garden. So, you should think carefully when choosing a dog.

The easiest way not to make a mistake is to adopt your dog from a shelter, because you can adopt a dog that has lived in an apartment before and is already used to it.

It is well known that some breeds are better suited than others to living in apartments, such as Labradors, Shetlands, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, etc. This depends not on the size of the dog, but on its temperament. For example, despite their small size, Jack Russells are very energetic dogs that will not be easy to keep all day in an apartment. At the opposite extreme, giant Newfoundlands are very sedentary dogs and can be perfectly suited to life in an apartment.