Conference "Trained to Freedom“ – European Parliament (Strasbourg)Wednesday 26th February 2014 – 16.30 – 18.00 hrs – Room LOW N3.2,

The conference will focus on the education of dogs with behaviour problems.
You will have the opportunity to watch the short film “Trained for Freedom” which was shot by ITALICA TV at La Fontanella Training centre, in Pavia, Italy. The film shows how even difficult dogs can be trained to a normal social life without using violence or psychotropic drugs. This is an issue of major relevance as many dogs are given to shelters or are abandoned by their owners because of their behaviour problems.
The speakers will be :
· Giovanni Giacobbbe, a dog trainer for E.N.C.I. and CSAA Legambiente
· Giuseppe D’Urbino, Head of the civil protection team “ Lupi della Toscana”
· Massimo Giunta, dog trainer at AIAD
· Dr. Luca Scandone, Veterinarian
Pavel Poc MEP, the President of the Animal Welfare Intergroup will address his greetings and Anna Rosbach MEP and Sonia Alfano MEP will give some short interventions.


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