Animals: the French still have more cats than dogs

The number of cats is close to 13.5 million in French homes against 7.3 million dog, revealed a the new study FACCO-KANTAR TNS, conducted in the fall of 2016.

 In ten years the feline population, considered less constraining in terms of custody, has increased. There were 10 million cats in 2006. Meanwhile the canine population has not stopped decreasing since 2000, when there were 9 million dogs. However, for the first time in 15 years, the canine population grew in 2016, with a very slight increase of 1.1% compared to 2014.

Nearly one in two households owns an animal. The passion of the French for animals remains a sure value: 49.5% of French households now own a pet. "In a context of crisis, the animal is more and more acclaimed because it allows forgetting daily problems and countering solitude," said Nelly Papapanayotou, director of KANTAR TNS.

"This is even more true for dogs and cats who are assimilated to a companion by more than 60% of owner households, or even a member of the family for 59.7% of dog owners and for 49.5% of cat owners" she added. (french)



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